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This virtual page was written by a human living in 02023.
This human was you, or could have been. He cared about you, whether you are his biological continuation or not, whether you live one lifetime or a thousand years away. He cared about many things. Maybe he cared too much. He cared about


he cared about


he also cared about


A few days ago, he walked the streets, among thousands of people.
A "demonstration". Strange ritual of humans gathering in the public space, for a few hours, walking. Sometimes we singed, we yelled, we hold signs, some of us wrotte on the walls.

Past a certain age, we tend to say that we fight for others. Like pre-acknowledging that we will never see victory. The human we talk about did it for himself.
He was expecting something.


Did you know that in French, the word "riot" share a common origin with the word "emotion" ? He was hoping for something to happen. How do you tell if something happened? How can you ever be sure that this precise event started the next one?

Our human went home with the feeling that nothing had happened.

Despair and Utopia are a couple.

Have you heard about Auguste Blanqui's Eternity by the Stars? As he was jailed again, at the dusk of his life, he wrote this text. The idea is that, because the universe is infinite and the basic elements composing it are finite, the universe is repeating itself at some point.

Repeating itself in


Our human liked this idea very much.

It's comforting and breathtaking.

That means that, somewhere, sometime, we are - or will be - winning.
Maybe it is here and now.
For us and our future selves.

But like stars in the day, we just don't see it yet.

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